About Us

Now that is a question isn't it. Im Chelsea, and back in 2010 i had an idea i wanted to make Sterling Silver Jewellery. Now fast forward to 2017, and i make more than just jewellery, i expanded from precious metals to different media's. I make home décor, personalized products and more, and if it wasn't for partner, who hand built me a studio, i would never have got where i am now. It's taken a while to get here and i wouldn't have had that extra push to grow if it wasn't for him, he has encouraged me to follow my dreams and to believe in everything I do.

I now work on creating the best personalised items and unique jewellery using best materials hand selected by myself to ensure every product produced is of the highest quality. All of my designs are made and shipped from my studio in Greater Manchester.

Thank for for all the support Nick, I love you.